Saturday, January 19, 2013

.....mirror has two faces...

….does the mirror really have two faces……have you ever seen that movie The Mirror Has Two Faces  with Barbara Streisand?  If you haven’t ….Barbara starts out as a frumpy middle aged college professor who lives with her mother; she meets another college professor who has a theory that the perfect couple does not need to be in love – they need to have mutual interest & respect..No physical contact – no emotional attachment.  Barbara marries this guy & needless to say she is very unhappy & unfulfilled…and falls in love with the guy “her hubby”  & decided that the marriage isn’t working for her….so she transforms her physical appearance into a glamorous sex pot…in the end she gets her man…who was in love with her all along..just in denial…


..if ya think about it ..the phrase “a mirror with two faces”  tells me that we all think we see one thing but in actuality want something different……Barbara was happy to compromise her wants & desires for  a man…to be married…..but her true self ….that’s not really what she wants….just took her some time to figure it out.  Haven’t we all been there at one point or another?

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