Tuesday, January 18, 2011

food for thought.....

As of late I have spent endless hours thinking about affairs of the heart.  How's that for a  expression?? lol  Isn't it funny how when we are young we really don't give it a thought, we give our heart ( love or not) away at a drop of the hat........as we age we withhold our love as punishment, or we hide our love thinking that we are somehow protecting ourselves from heartbreak. (whatever helps us sleep at night I guess  lol) At what point in our lives do we just let it go, allow love to enter our heart freely & more important when do we allow or give ourselves permission to open our heart to others?  Damn I am deep...NOT!  lol

Just think about it for a sec.....go back in time......I remember my first crush ( oh but I knew it was love for sure) I covered my notebook with his name - hey when you are in 2nd grade and you write a boys name all over your notebookk you know it is LOVE!  Luckily notebooks were cheap, so getting a new one each week wasn't a problem...lol  I remember the crazy ass things I did just to get a boys attention. Looking back, I have to question if spitting at a boy really got the kind of attention I wanted from him, the teacher didn't think so.  lol

By Jr high & high school  you are a little less obvious about who you like, so you pass notes to your crushes best friend...or better yet you have your best friend pass a note to your crush...lol  If I had a dollar for every note my best gf Debbie passed for me both Debbie & I would be very rich women...lol   Although we lusted after the same boy for many years (actually still do lust after him hehe) we had completely different tastes in boys- which was a good thing.  Somehow she always got the boy and I just kept chasing the boys...lol

My twenties....damn!  LMAO  Boy did I think I have the world/love by the tail.   I thought love meant sex and sex meant love and boy did I spread the love  around  lol (btw Mom- it wasn't that much sex  lol) ok ok.....it's more like it wasn't that much GOOD sex...lol   Why is it that sex is so important or at least we think it is when we are in our 20's???? Hell I didn't even know what good sex was till I hit my mid 30's..........ok maybe 40's  lol

The 30's I was busy having babies - not sex!  lol   I think as mothers and wives we convince ourselves that our love for our family is so much more important than our sexual lives. I don't know about you  - but after doing the kid thing all frigging day  in my worn out juice stained over sized vomit covered sweat pants and tshirt, cooking dinner, doing the dishes with a side of laundry before I even attempt to bath the kids and get them into bed......I am just not feeling the come on honey  I wanna make you feel like a real man tonight thing no matter how much you beg!   lol  But you know men.......they don't get that at all.  To them its like saying we love our kids more than our hubby's.......which I have to admit from time to time that's the truth!  After a crazy long day my kids kids don't care what I wear to bed...my hubby on the other hands expects a  showered, clean shaven ready for action thong between my cheeks sexy nightie ready to do it kinda gal..........like that ever happened  LMFAO (sorry Mitch)  Like it even entered my mind to take a shower let alone  stuff my post baby body into some sexy lace for his pleasure number  - that's funny.  What the hell was he thinking???? lol

Oprah says that sex gets better with age........my question is as what age?? lol   Is it that sex really does get better?  Or is it that as we age, we are more in tune to what turns us on (handcuffs, nipple clips, blindfold....whatever your reindeer games happens to be)  and off, what we want (skys the limit) and what we do not want(sometimes we think we don't want something, then we try it and oh hell yes we want more of it  hehehe) .....what is acceptable and whats makes you scream RED...or is it as simple as we are more  open to ALLOWING ourselves to love and be loved.  hmmmmmmm.....Now that is a loaded statement! Damn I impress myself sometimes  lol 

So now that I heading up the path ( just the path not the door )  to my 50's I can't help but wonder ........not really wonder more like now is the time to set the groundwork to allow the love in my life to flourish (All forms of love), to be open for  the good, accept the not so good and ENJOY THE RIDE!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Seriously you should be writting for the Dispatch. Your writting abilities are awesome! Reindeer games....too freakin funny. Without love, why bother living... take all the love that is offered to you, run with it and never look back. Love you girlfriend!!!!

mlm said...

what are you trying to tell me without telling me? that greeting me at the door wrapped in saran wrap and butter is right out? bummer. well, i've got other fantasies.