Saturday, January 26, 2013

……remedy? Hell NO!

…the age old problem of addiction …shoe addiction that is……seems to be unaffected by the economic meltdown…… as did Imelda Marcos…..can a gal ever own too many pairs of shoes? I think not! you should already know I am taking a year’s hiatus from the shopping bug that bit my butt years ago….that being said…..I still think, breath & fanaticize about shoes…..not in a sexual way…..well…the vision of red stiletto heels and a man’s….of never mind……that’s for another blog…lol……I do put a lot of thought in to shoes.    I assume most women do…..I do have friends who own less than a dozen pair of shoes…..which I can’t even fathom….there was a time when I owned around 300 pairs….but now… I have down sized to around 100….that’s a manageable number…lol  

…is it an addiction for me… times a fetish…..there I go right back to those red stilettos..hehehe…….can I go an entire year without purchasing a new pair of heels?  I am going to try.  Using the seven principals to breaking your addiction….. from The Dr. Phil Show….here are the seven principals adapted to help the shoe addicts  break the grip of their own compulsions.   Enjoy…..


~Fashion Statement – UK internet site

1) Acknowledge the purpose.
Does buying shoes numb you to the reality of your dull, suburban life? Admitting the true cause of your obsession is the first step to recovery.

2) Think rational thoughts instead of denial.
On an intellectual level you know that spending £600 on a pair of pointed, cripplingly uncomfortable heels is unhealthy - and yet you continue. Try putting pictures of Victoria Beckham's bunions or Sarah Brown's toes around your house.

3) Use alternative coping skills.
Alcohol and chocolate works for us.

4) Identify your danger zones.
Lunchbreaks, paydays - clearly they must be avoided. FS suggest that should financial circumstances make quitting your job a tad tricky, you instead carry around a picture of some Crocs, or a footballer's wife in Uggs. If that doesn't put you off shoe shopping, nothing will.

5) Make lifestyle changes.
Go barefoot instead. It's good for you.

6) Be accountable and have a support system.
You may need check into a rehabilitative program. So far we haven't actually managed to find one, but let's face it, if you can check into the Priory to cure yourself of racism, shoe addiction should be a doddle.

7) Reward yourself.
Overcoming an addiction can be very difficult, but it can be done. Reward yourself. Hell, why not go shopping for a nice pair of … oh.

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