Monday, February 4, 2013


……raising a teenage daughter is not always a bed of roses…..loving & liking don’t always go together.  I have to this point..yes I have been angry with my teenager..However I have always…liked her..Even when she drives me crazy….my mom on the other hand …Oh my my….there where years I am sure she didn’t like me at all…lol …I cannot imagine how disheartening it is to realize your teenage daughter’s company & behavior is unbearable. a mother do you prepare yourself for such intense feelings? 


Are these feelings normal?  I am positive that disliking your teenage daughter from time to time is perfectly normal…I am also very certain that months drive their teenage daughters crazy….in my case I am absolutely sure I drive my teenager stark raging mad…..but we adore each other more than words can say.


…there is no doubt..when I was a teen I talked back both to my mom & dad….all the time…..just as mothers can bring their teen daughters to tears goes both ways….there have been a few times over the years when my daughter & I have brought the other to tears…and I am sure we will experience it again when evidence of the obnoxious & untenable rears it ugly head & comes spewing out of either’s moth…..its so hard for both of us not to allow the same venom come out…lol


…for me….I try to all times…my teenager is simply following natures assignment & working towards establishing greater independence from me….she has to feel secure in who she is…she must find her own time & in her own space….even if it doesn’t fit into my agenda……even if its at the expense of my sanity. 


…..I know adolescence is a workout for both the teens & their parents… matter the issue…I try to always come from a place of compassion, kindness & common sense.   It sure can be a rough ride……I try not to …but at times it is very difficult not to take negative behavior personally.   I completely understand teenage daughters are a whirl of emotions that seem to burst from time to time… hard as it is…’s crucial to our mother/daughter relationship not to react defensively..its not a power struggle.


…my goal is & always has been to provide my daughter with the foundation she needs to grown into adulthood….I am always & will always be here for her….there are no challenges that together daughter & myself can survive. Being a parent is  an awesome responsibility…..I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful , compassionate, kind daughter……I give here the space & trust she desires while  maintaining a closeness like no other.   I LOVE YOU  MMMM !  Way More!

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