Thursday, February 14, 2013

…why is it so hard to love yourself???

…if you love have the key to living a happy & balanced life.  I have blogged about self love many times …not in a sexual way..that’s a completely different blog…lol…..learning to love yourself is critical for personal happiness..Accepting the true you..miracles happen….you feel at peace with yourself…you are better able to balance life around you. It sounds easy….so why is it so hard?

…I can only speak from my own life experiences….for the most part I have developed habits to protect myself…to comply with others expectations…..for a very long time.. I received messages from significant others in my life that I am not good enough…or smart enough..or sexy enough….fear & avoidance became the essence of my life as I tried to survive …how could I love myself if I couldn’t even view myself as lovable?

…I know I know…every person on the planet is lovable….logically I understood….emotionally I could fathom being “enough” of anything.  I do believe we all have a unique purpose & reason for being on this earth…to find out what that is exactly is a lifelong journey…you might as well learn to love yourself along the way… one thing I know for sure ..believe me it is easier said than done….if you want to change something in your life such as your perception of takes courage to  welcome the fear of change….and dare to imagine that you are Good Enough!

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