Monday, March 25, 2013 of my favorite....and naughty posts from 2011

......a month or so ago while at the local library I discovered a book on the history of women's lingerie..I know I are thinking I should be reading books about cooking, sewing , gardening ....all the domestic bliss crap....but this book caught my eye. I have this fascination with retro undies.......WTF? Yep I admit it! Hold on a sec - don't think that I have a bunch of crotch rotted old panties laying I did however have a vast collection of vintage clothing and accessories I wore religiously in my 20's. Damn I wish I still had all those things.... I am reading this book, which I found to be fascinating & was left with the desire ( haha good word choice huh?!) to read more........who knew the public library offered such a huge collection of similar books.....ok......maybe I am reaching, but in my mind a similar subject would be fetishes ...of course. What else could it be I ask??? I have to say I had no idea there were so many books out on the subject of name it, people do it......some people must even have a book fetish because some of the pages stuck together....eeeek. Yes I had to go there - always right to the gutter! lol

What is a fetish? How do I know if I have a fetish? What about you? Do you have a fetish? (oh do tell!!! I would be happy to blog about it - hehe) Ok so I am thinking I have this fascination with vintage no doubt I have a fetish...right? Or do I? I love shoes, especially red high heeled pumps that scream F#$@ me (hehe) ...does that mean I have a shoe fetish? I enjoy wearing sexy that another one of my many fetishes? What about swizzle that a fetish? Ropes? Canned food? Fetishes???? I love to surround myself with flowers, music, boys, food.........could I have a fetish for each of those? I think not....ok ......being surrounded by boys is a little bit fetishy...hehe (Oh hell yes Mrs. Robinson) LOL Am I a fetish freak? I decided it's time to grab the bull by the horns and check this fetish stuff out........where else but cyber space!

Fetish : "a reliance on a prop, body part, scene, or scenario in order to get off sexually. The prop can either be fantasized or exist in actuality."

hmmmmmmmmm....I am saddened (or should I say excited )to say the fetishes I previously mentioned are really not fetishes for me. Not once have I gotten off while wearing any vintage lingerie, nor while in my flower garden, or cooking......the red high heeled F$#%@ me pumps on the other (we'll save that story for another blog) hehe. So anyone who really knows me, and knows how down right trashy I can be..ok you know I am.......also knows I have to continue down the fetish road to learn more .....maybe even try some ( ok try more..hehe). No worries Mitch - I won't try anything new without trying it on your first. Love ya honey!

Back to new favorite subject or should I say hobby lol. Some folks like being tied up, (hmmmm....i think I could be the tie-er-upper, not the tie-ee.) Come on.. everyone has thought about it at least once.......but how many of ya have just decided to give in, grab a couple of neck ties and tie your sweety up & have your way with him????? Or visa versa Try not to forget the candle wax......hmmm yet another fetish. lol. Some folks enjoy being gagged, ( nope - not one of my all know I need to be able to talk) whipped ( not my cup of tea, however I do know a few folks who could use a good whopping) or spanked ( hmmm....let me get back to ya on this one..)....for me it makes a big diff if I am the spanker or the


Of course you can't forget those who like to be covered in PC (kinda cool - let me think about you think it would make me look thinner? If so I am sooooo in!)....I also wonder what colors are available....could be fun! Raise your hand if you have ever tried nipple clamps......ok now that you have experienced the chill that memory gave ya...good bad or other I have heard using nipple clamps is just so over the top intense, highly of course I had to go out and buy some..........not just any old plain set...oh hell no.....mine have fancy purple stones...mine are a multi purpose sexual accessory. I am such a girly girl!!! I love it! Some other fetishes would be like being kissed in a certain way and or location, or being scratched, just to name a few. Not everyone ( most people) have something that really turns then on be it weird or normal.

So as I spent endless hours in the cyber world surfing for fetishes, I tell you I saw some freaky stuff out there - (No worries Mitch - we aren't gonna try least not yet. hehe) I actually learned allot - yes I am still capable of learning - especially sex stuff lol. Did you know that sexual fetishism is when an "article of desire" is necessary for sexual arousal or satisfaction. The article could be lingerie, shoes,(love the shoe thing) leather garments or underwear.( I am thinking leather undies would really make the who who sweat - need I say more?? fishy fishy fishy) The fixation also could be with a body part - breasts or feet are popular. Some less famous categories of fetishes include fat, blood, diapers, pee and poo. ( YUCK!) People with fetishes are known as fetishists - who knew?! I must have missed that day at school. To be honest I did get a D in my sex ed class in 8th grade. Seriously.

Seems a pair of high heels is a very popular fetish, its right up there with feet and toes. Who doesn't like to have their toes sucked on??! Note to self - ALWAYS have pedicured toes just in case someone offers to suck on your saying. How many people think about someone else during sex with their partners? As well as imagining famous faces - lets just say The Rock and I have been together on a number of occasions....hehe. The acceptance of images and icons from the secretive world of S/M fantasy - dominatrixes,( oh hell yes- I could play is roll in a heartbeat....all I need is a sub..hmmm) bondage heroines, damsels in distress - have helped make fetish fantasy pretty popular.Corsets,(love love love corsets - maybe its yet another fetish of mine lol) thigh-high black stockings, leather catsuits, and second-skin rubber. Kinky clothes formerly seen only within sexual subcultures are worn by many.

One of my all time fav - Bettie Page (April 22, 1923 – December 11, 2008) was an American model who became famous in the 1950s for her fetish modeling and pin up photos. She has often been called the "Queen of Pinups. The Mistress of Fetish!
"I was not trying to be shocking, or to be a pioneer. I wasn’t trying to change society, or to be ahead of my time. I didn’t think of myself as liberated, and I don’t believe that I did anything important. I was just myself. I didn’t know any other way to be, or any other way to live."Bettie Page
So really in a nut shell ( or at this point would nut sack be a better term?? lol) fetishes are just other preferences of a kinky - ya gotta love kinky! So now I am thinking about sexual preferences.....
Sadomasochism. Sadists (pain-givers) and masochists (pain-receivers), and their punishing sex play is referred to as sadomasochism, or S&M. Whipping and spanking are two common ways to inflict punishment during sex. One time I was at a bar and this gal yelled across the bar to a fella sitting at the bar....."hey mister - I wanna F$#% you skinny". I laughed my butt off........but now that I think about it - I am wondering if she is a

Exhibitionism. Some people get off by showing what God gave them to the world. Here is a question......are strippers or exotic dancers exhibitionist? Do they get off by doing the pole? What about gals like myself who like to show some...ok ok alot of I being an exhibitionist.......or just just a gal with da big boobies??? hmmmmm

Voyeurism. This one cracks me up...come on whether we admit it or not we all have sneaked a little peek before....sometimes it like a train just can't look
Swinging and Group Sex. Some couples consciously choose to involve other people in their sex play by participating in: A mènage à trois (a couple adds a third person to the mix); wife swapping (two couples trade partners); swinging (a group of couples meets and exchanges partners among themselves); or group sex, or an orgy (a group of strangers all join the sexual adventure). Ok them. Well....hmmmmm Where do I sign up? lol What do you think Mitch? Can we? Can we?? Just once??? Or maybe twice?? lol

I know I just touched the surface of is a fascinating somewhat secret world...I might just wanna be a part of it.....maybe just a small Oh wait did I mention I am an all or nothing kinda gal?? lol Looking back...I am pretty sure I have tried my fair share of kinky off the wall kinda stuff...but does that make me a weirdo? Am I not as normal as you? Or am I just willing to put it out there???

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