Friday, May 31, 2013



....we all know that make-up is an awesome powerful’s a way for us to express yourself....makes us feel attractive...but is it all its cracked up to be...what it its something you can not go without.....can it be an obsession? A crutch? An addition?  Could you go without any make-up at all for a day?  A week?  A month?.....Could you be seen in public with a naked face????  

I read on the internet that 70% of chicks won’t leave the house without their make-up......more than half said they wore make-up 24/!  I for one can not imagine wearing make-up 24/7.....I have never been on of those gals who carry their make-up & do numerous touch ups...I do however like to refresh my lip is what it is also not unusual for me to bare my naked face at the grocery store....movies, shopping...heck I even bare all at biggie.
  Its not about taking a sabbatical from wearing make-up because not wearing make-up is better or bad...that’s not the case....its more about taking a break from make-up to gain a better understanding of the relationship you have with make-up.  Why do you feel the NEED to “fix” your face before leaving the house...or seeing a friend...and for some gals...they fix their face before they go to the gym...ugh!  Do you really need to shellac your face for people to notice you...can you feel comfy in anything less than contoured cheeks and long luscious lashes?

Make-up is a very powerful tool with the ability to incite imagination & creativity...but when the option to wear it or not turns into a it still just a tool????   Have you ever looked...I mean really looked at your natural make-up free face?  I know it’s a bit scary even thinking about showing the world your bare face......but it is somewhat liberating....could you do it?

I think its so interesting to explore the relationship we as women ...and some men...have with make-up...explore within ourselves why we wear it.....whether you wear make-up or do it for your own reasons...I am not judging you nor should you judge me....we ALL need to do what makes us truly happy.   I for one can GO WITHOUT....


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