Monday, July 1, 2013

..,..living "Your Truth"

~Living my truth means knowing my vision and allowing that to be my life; actively letting go of what other’s want from you and listening to my  ‘inner voice’…knowing what I am & am  not responsible for; not doing anything that doesn’t fit your vision for yourself.


…my truth


…..am I living my truth……I honestly don’t know if I am…..I need to define what my true is exactly….the truth about me…my life….my potential & capabilities & desires…my wants & needs….there comes a point in our lives when we need…ok maybe feel the need to stand at every crossroads of every aspects our life & decide what is our truth about each one…being brave enough to explore the truth..good..bad or otherwise takes courage..ya have open to the possibility that you may have to disprove everything that you ever believed to be true about ourselves, our lives & others.


…what we know about ourselves & our world is a combo of our own experiences….what is it they say…..we are the sum of the whole…I am not sure if that applies here..sounds good..lol  We do know ourselves through our own knowledge and what others have taught us….just when we get to that point when we need to realize our own truth & decide to explore our truth changed & we have to create a new level of truth.


….without knowing our truth ..how can we match our energy to any intention that is higher than what we believe our truth to be…kinda like if you wanna  hold the truth that you are powerful & successful then you have to hold the energetic vibration that corresponds with that level truth…kinda like…ya need to walk your talk……if not….you can hold the intention..but sadly it will never be your truth.


..setting parameters of your truth can mean releasing connections to everyone that doesn’t match……believing we are deserving of love, respect..compassion means dumping all connections to people…events..situations that we are not loved or treated in a manner that matched our truth…it take much courage to let go of the familiar….comfy….easy  in our lives…..letting go is hard…..even if you know you are creating space for new situations  & new connections that enhance and feed your truth….its still hard….I have always heard when there is pain there is growth….


…it’s easy to follow along with the status quo….but changing our truth….adopting a new truth or asserting our truth gives us the power & confidence to create the life we want..a life that reflects the truth we want to know..share & live through…….I am doing just that….I find myself standing at many crossroads…working to discover MY TRUTH…..and doing my best to surround myself with only those who support & enhance MY TRUTH…..I have  seen a glimpse of MY TRUTH……..I am a work in progress…


Do you live your truth?

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