Friday, February 14, 2014

Romance is in the air......Valentines Day 2014!  February 14th already....damn time just flies the older ya   Today is a day of many people will be sporting red today..passing our candy, cards & flowers..proclaiming their love/like for one & other.......remember V Day when you were in grade school.....making those fancy V Day boxes ^ passing out those little V Day cards to everyone in the class......what fond memories......wonder if they still do that kinda

.....I remember growing up my dad would buy my mom a fancy heart shaped box of know that kind ya never know what flavor it is till ya bite into those days if I didn't like it I would put it back in the box......pretty sure that pissed my mom the years I have rec'd a few fancy heart shaped boxes of candy....some red roses...once I rec'd a big white teddy bear....wonder what ever happened to that.....hmmm

....are the VDay gifts really that important?  Do we really need one day a year to express our love for one another?  Shouldn't we be doing that everyday? is what it is...if we didn't buy of all the folks that would be out of actually VDay is helping the Vday of course.....dinner date with some friends...... a late night show & a little naughty roll in the hay to top the night off.....HAPPY V DAY!!!!

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