Monday, November 2, 2015 little booth

.....I have always been somewhat creative.....a few weeks ago while checking out a local antique/flea market...I was presented an opportunity to have my own booth to sell my junk...I mean goodies.  I jumped at the chance...I also doubted my decision many times over till I took the plunge & set up my booth..
...this is how it started

....I was so excited & please at the outcome after the first set up....I almost didn't want anyone to buy anything because the display was so cool....I used lace & burlap...I love the look of the hard & soft....after 2 weeks I stopped in to check it out & was so excited that I had sold more than my monthly two weeks! I added a few things...

M.Antiques & Collectibles ~ Downtown West Jefferson Ohio 

....I stopped over yesterday to find my booth practically empty..yes !  All my treasures are selling like hot cakes.....I am so I added a few new things & re-did my booth display.....

....I have big plans & ideas  for my booth...excited excited excited!!!

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