Wednesday, January 16, 2013

....finding my way


..what do you do when confusion is all consuming….how do you navigate your path  to reach a place of  peace, direction & contentment….at what point does clarity kick in?  You have to accept the ups & downs of life…everyone experiences them…life is a series of starts & stops…I think once you recognize..we then can better ride of out  waves as they come.  Is this a leaned behavior or a skill….because believe you me it is at times so difficult to ride the waves. 


..I have been utterly confused & unsettled for years…actually since I can remember…...I have been mad at myself for not being able to figure out the reason…at what point in our lives do we actually settle into our own skin……it is so hard to accept that I could not find the answers to my restlessness & confusion……it’s like there should be a pill out that when you reach a certain age ya take it & poof  all yourself doubt, restlessness, confusion, etc is gone…you wake up comfortable in your own skin ready to face the world with a no fail attitude.    That is a prescription I want.


…don’t ya think we …especially women…get lost in the day to day routine of life & forget to actively move forward in meaningful ways both personally & professionally.  Fear…it’s a bitch…it holds ya back, makes you hesitate to try anything new because you are fearful of failure.. refusing to give into fear & allowing it to stifle your interests & passion  is way easier th said….than done.


I certainly don’t all of the pieces of myself in place yet…I am a work in progress……but with each new day I stay on course I get a little closer to who I really am…I am learning to relish in the day to day highs & lows of the process…explore, evaluate and learn..the end result…a better me.

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