Wednesday, June 19, 2013

...its all up to interpretation

....why is it that Betty Crocker & Aunt Jemima seem to get younger looking all the time while Uncle Benn & Colonel Sanders seem to grow old with dignity?   Why do women who are at the prime of their lives...blessed with an enhanced sense of identity.....making positive contributions and have a renewed sense of confidence  talk about
tucking......peeling.....injecting......plumping....augmenting..suctioning themselves into something closer to their “idea” of physical perfection??? Is there no such thing as beauty everlasting?  Is beauty only skin deep?

 ...wouldn’t ya think that since we have come a long way baby.....we chicks would be less concerned about being an ornament and closer to earning our status as an equal on may levels.....we should make the transition from lean & strong to soft & round without penalty or judgment....I thing women are much to vain....we are hardest on ourselves & each sad.


...I will admit I spend endless amounts of effort trying to be a better me on the inside as well as the outside.....but NEVER at the expense of others this point in my life I don’t know if I will ever inject or augment any body parts....but ya never know....but for right now....true beauty comes from within.....I encourage all women to tap into their own inner beauty & see the beauty they possess.

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