Thursday, December 3, 2015

….UPDATE – My Booth!

OMgosh……I have had my booth for 2 months now…..I was thrilled w/ my earning from Oct – it was well over the amount I needed to pay my November rent….I was surprised & thrilled..and shocked I did so well…… Because of the hours of operation at the antique mall I am only able to restock/organize/set up on Sat/Sun….so I went over last Sunday to pay my December rent not knowing if I had sold enough in November to cover December rent….OMGosh…….I can’t believe it!  I sold more than twice as much….wow…..not only did it cover my December rent I have a nice chunk of change in my pocket……I am in shock that my little booth is doing so well….that being said I am a realist & I know it won’t be like this every month..but I sure can hope…lol


I was thinking I should maybe re-vamp my booth w/ a little holiday flar..but I just don’t have the time ….so now I am focusing on the new year & how I plan to re-do my booth.  I am excited !

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